Done & Dusted Part-1

I’m so happy and glad to share with you all that I cleared my CA(Chartered Accountant) Final Exam and now I’m a CA.

Apart from blogging I was pursuing CA also to have a financial stability to meet my ends.

I love to write blogs, articles and poetries but becoming CA was very vital for my career. I completed my articleship/ internship of 3 years (mandatory) from Mumbai. And during that time I started blogging.

A big massive thanks to all of you who motivated me through their content, comments and likes. You have seen I wasn’t writing that much from last 2 years this was the reason.

I was totally engrossed in my studies. Focused to aim for one and achieve it to do other things at my pace.

During this journey of becoming CA I went through failures too. But with failure there was an improvement in my performance. Everyone has their success story but I would like to share my failure story.

I’m not embarrassed at all of my failures because at the end hard work pays off. I always have this tendency that if allow yourself to do mistakes you will learn something everyday.

Allow yourself to get embarrassed. Let the fear go of ” What if something wrong happened?” Or “What if I made mistakes?”

As said by Mahatma Gandhi “The weak can never forgive; forgiveness is the attribute of the strong,” just like that a frightened person can’t achieve his/her goals; only the person who accept his mistakes and show courage to fight and face the crisis can achieve it.

In next part I will share what I did to improve my performance? What kind of thoughts were running while studying again? Techniques of learning and memorizing, what keeps me driving this far? Why not to be ashamed of failures? And many more things with all of you.

Why with all of you ” Because this is the place where I wasn’t judged by anyone”.

Thank you for you time and consideration 🙏.

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What persistence and determination could do?

Everyone is ahead of me,

Maybe it’s not my cup of tea,

So leave it and try something else instead,

This land is barren now and complete waste to grow seed,

Why should I Sir?

I ask them politely,

What if I keep going on and on,

Burning oil of lamps all night long,

Keeping away the pain with song,

I will improvise and improve,

One day my song will be played and

I will groove.

Determination and persistence are the most vital two ingredients which make all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

When you boil all miracles and extra-ordinary things to the core everything else will evaporate except these two.

So what these things could do really?

A person at the age of 52, an age when some executives are beginning to contemplate the greener pastures retirement.

An eccentric and optimistic person who was the flesh and blood example of persistence and determination.

He was one of the rare individuals who possesses both the charisma of an enthusiastic leader who is great salesman and passion for detail of able administrator.

So who was he? What makes him to take risk and look beyond selling multimixer.

His name was Ray Kroc, prominent businessman responsible for making McDonald’s the world’s most iconic fast food brand.

I watched movie ( The founder) based on his struggle and success establishing McDonalds worldwide.

It’s on YouTube and Amazon prime also. It’s a must watch for everyone who lay more emphasis on age factor instead of looking for more opportunities. If there’s an entrepreneur in you then you must watch it. Share this blog with your friends too.

He focused on leveraging his position. Now I just started book based on his life.

It’s been 14-15 pages till now but I’m getting more and more curiouser.

My two takeaways from movie was


2. As long as you’re green you’re growing, as soon as you’re ripe you start to rot.

Yes…We all are in this together.

Click to the above link.

To save our mother Earth we’re in this together. I don’t know about Mars but as far as possible it’s our responsibility to save and conserve our resources.

Beautiful sung by Ellie Goulding and composed by Steven Price. Lyrics do the justice to send a message to every human being on this planet that we have to stand and work together to preserve our resources and biodiversity.

Ellie’s voice added a whole new dimension to look at our beautiful and mesmerizing planet.

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To leave something behind…

My friend we are in the wrong fight…and I’m the only one left behind….

Somewhere after a decade if we met again….you will come to know that I left something behind.

I will be what you want me to be…..but not the person which you left behind.

At different phases you choose your best ones… aiming high and heading far…you didn’t notice but I left behind.

No complaints as we are matured now…we have responsibilities and liabilities…but not fair to leave someone like me behind.

Soon I will be ‘Someone you used to know’….and I will be happy that you left me behind.

Because if you didn’t then how I come to know what’s my worth…When you are around now I’m not funny and kind…It’s good to leave something behind.

Better to forget me now because you already have you best ones from different phases….I will not be same as I used to be…as I left that man behind.

Not everything grows on a tree🌲 and Not everything sink in a sea🚣

Pic courtesy- Pinterest

“Not everything grows on a tree and not everything sinks in sea” . I use it as a substitute of half glass of water theory.

This particular line help me through my glory and gloomy days respectively. When you are on cloud nine remember that its was not easy to achieve what you are cherishing and with snap of fingers(Sorry!!!Marvel Fan) it will be over. So with heart full of gratitude and mind without ego will help you out to go on and on.

But the catch is when we have everything with us name it time, money, fame, friends and family it seems so easy. We felt like little bit of this and little bit of that can pour the pocket full of sunshine. With all going good must remember not everything grows on a tree. There might be possibility that we could find ourselves doing all those struggle again and start from scratch.

So never let the momentum go. Tighten your grip to your schedule and lift up the soul every morning to make body run and work to see the glittery night sky with no regrets in your heart.

But what to do when we feel low. No all days are same, we heard that so many times. Not everything sinks in the sea. Lighten up yourself and float like a wooden log on the sea full of sorrow or gloominess. The log which can revive and sustain life sooner or later. It doesn’t matter how long the night is, the day is sure to come.

It’s silly but when I’m frightened by something or feel low I ask myself “What is the worst possible case scenario?” And this open up the cupboard full of various solutions. Lay more emphasis on solution then problem.

In the world full of optimist be the pragmatist.

Thank you for passing by, share with others to.

100 Follows✌️Thank you all 🤗

Thank you, everyone, for following and reading my blogs.

Thank you for all your comments and likes…I can’t express my feelings.

I started blogging 4 years ago. Being always a person who had weird thoughts and ideas on almost everything it was never difficult to share what I think personally.

So once I asked my friend “I had a thought to start blogging. What you think!”

He replied “Of course you must go for it. Right now you share your thoughts with us and me and later on you forget what it was. It’s impact and sensibility. Share it with others might they will also connect with you.”

He is among very few people with whom I can talk a lot about anything. We used to have midnight conversation when we both were tired but still manage somehow to have a little conversation for the salt of the soul.

He said to me once ” There’s something different when I talk with you. No judgments. Not back bitting of anyone. No regrets. Just something which makes feel. We know that these conversations lead us nowhere but still in this conversation we are conquering the world😂. Your thoughts are out of this world.”

I asked him “But with what name do I start it?

He said ” Just like your thoughts are the name it “Beyond Imagination”.

This is the photo of the diary in which I used to write before blogging. I still miss this diary…4 days ago I found it and when I started reading it…it was utterly nostalgic for me.I became emotional.

This is a little piece of my writing from those days. Don’t mind my handwriting😅.

Happy blogging to all. Keep writing. Keep posting because your thoughts in true sense are beyond imagination.

Thanks again everyone. Never ever stop writing. 🙏

Are you scribbling names in your Good Book?

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Sometimes I felt like I’m the only person who is so gullible. I’m as supple as a piece of paper when it comes to friendship and all.

But then after a few days, I came across so many people who also felt the same. Thank God I’m not alone on this Earth in this particular category.

The person who is mentioning you as your best friend forever(BFF) right now at some point of time later on gonna replace your picture with someone else. One fine day out of the blue he/she will change the entire definition of best friend and you will be bewildered to know that.

One thing I didn’t get it till now. So first I want to clear the definition of best friend forever.

When you mention someone as your best friend then it is very obvious that among everyone he/she is the best, means only and only. But people love to mention like “He/She is one of my best friends”. What???? Come again. Best is only one. A groom has only one best man at his wedding; not one of his best man to deliver the speech. You can put the rest of them in the category of a good friend, a college friend, a school friend. There is only one winner rest all are runner up in your good book.

What will you do if your best friend post on some social media photo of someone else instead of you with a caption that goes like this “I’m making it official and write it on legal paper too that I’ve only and only one best friend forever.”

And at the back of your mind, you’ll be like “That so prodigious”.

I accept the best way to express your feelings is through face but when there is no face words are enough to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Obviously, you don’t deserve this after supporting someone through their thick and thin times.  Absolutely not.

So I asked myself a few questions before scribbling a few names from my good book.

Q.1 Who forwarded hands to your face to wipe your tears when you cried the first time?

Ans.1 It was you only. Others were standing beside and consoling me.

Q.2 Who was there to keep you calm and relaxed at very first place whenever you panicked?

Ans.2  You only. You called someone later on to express your situation. No matter what you are your own first aid kit. Rest all are secondary. Don’t forget that.

Q.3 Who was there when you were awarded a prestigious award on stage?

Ans.3 It was you only rest everyone was standing somewhere in the crowd.

Now you get it!!! Even at your worst or best before someone could come for help or applaud you were first and the best. Rest all are secondary.

I’m sorry if I sound bit negative or insecure but all these are my personal views. You have every right to disagree with me.

Among plenty of your friends, only one and only one will be a true and the same good old friend, rest of them will keep changing like four seasons.

So, friends, I’m not saying that don’t be a good friend or don’t trust anyone but I’m also not saying that once you tagged someone as your BFF or Gf or Bf then you owned them. They are just people and it’s their tendency to change. Not everyone in this world can’t be your pet dog who stays with you whether you have nothing or everything.

Even we also betrayed or cheated someone unintentionally at some point in time. So we are also not in their good book. But it’s their good book.

A true friend and your good deeds are like soldiers; loyal till you die. Before you reach the last page of your good book you can write a few names who never acted like four seasons no matter what. Till then keep scribbling few names in your good book and keep writing a new one and I’m sure they are also doing the same.😄😄

Sooner or later, different scares people.

A month ago I watched movie ” The Accountant”.

Before watching this movie I always wonder that “Is it a shame to look and sounds different from the others?”.

Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick starrer this movie shows true reflection of being different is totally cool.

In this movie Ben Affleck is suffering from high functioning autism since childhood. And once his father told him that “They(kids who bullies him at school & call him freak) are afraid of you because you’re different, and sooner or later different scares people”.

Besides all your weirdness and disabilities you are gifted with something very enthralling and majestic.

Not now but sooner or later you will come to know about that. And when you face it you will never be the same again for yourself.

So be proud of yourself if you are the only person in your group who spends most of the time at home or keep shifting from place to place.

A must watch for everyone.

Be proud of your different abilities and weird thoughts. Stay blessed 🙏.

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Mighty Musk

This single picture is enough those who think what others will say about your crazy and weird dreams of they share or tell them to someone.

Choose wisely with whom you will share them.

Elon Musk’s dream to commercialize space industry for a common man has to face lots of criticism. Despite all that he created SpaceX and like a magician he turn the critics into crickets.

As the saying goes “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”.

Remember you must have a last laugh.

#life #dreams #elonmusk #crazy

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