What if Batman had Indian parents?

In Gothampur City

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The wait was over now because in a typical Marwari Baniya family a boy was born who’ll take the business and power of negotiation to a different level(Jahan na pahunche Gadi, wahan pahunche Marwari).

This boy is altogether different as compare to the entire generation of Marwari Baniya family. The power of fast calculation and talent of bargaining was already inculcated in him, which took years for sales manager of billionaire online shopping company.

Every time the boy tries to do something parents spontaneously stop him by giving him a forewarning as ‘No, don’t do this’. In his entire childhood, he knows more about “What not to do instead what to do”. Sometimes unknowingly he banged his head against the wall and parents very cunningly blame it on the wall and console the child as it is moving wall who took it revenge.

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Batman was doing good with his social work and helping the needy ones but on the other hand, was expecting him to be a prominent business tycoon or crafty chartered accountant or mind-boggling engineer. One day at the dining table they had a discussion.

Batman’s Dad -Look at Tony Stark everytime he got 1st rank,

Soon there will be millions in his bank;

Stop roaming at whole night,

Otherwise, you will be in plight;

Batman- He could be rich but not filthy as me,

Sooner it will be difficult for him to pee,

I scare death and he is scared of it,

I’m made Superman bleed and that’s it;(as a sincere son he thought in his mind only, didn’t utter a single word)


Mom-  Are you listening or not?

The very next day Batman couldn’t find his cape he asked “Mom where is my cape? Did you see it anywhere?

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Mom- Oh that black cloth, right now pappads are drying up on it.

Batman has sacrificed his cape for mom’s pappad was the greatest sacrifice that world has ever seen.But this was the start he had to face a lot more to be the mighty Dark Knight

Dad-Drop me to the bank on you black scarecrow.

Batman- Dad, please! It’s my Batmobile people die to have ridden on it.

Dad- Enough now. Don’t teach me.

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Batman- As you say.

In India, you can over-rule what law says but not what your father says even if you are Batman of Gothampur City.

Dad- So what you decide for your future?

Batman- Dad I want to do something for Gothampur.  I want this city to be safe and crime free.

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Dad- Ohh! So you want to be a watchman or cop something!

Batman- Kind of or you can say, Dark Knight.

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Dad- Aye! you will take science and then prepare for IIT or continue my business. Don’t hurt the ego of Jaikant Sikhre, Singham. Now go to sleep.

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Warning of Pablo Escobar can be ignored once,

But not the advice of a father who provides bread and buns.

Somehow he completed graduation and cleared IIT also but now is the time to get a job and get engaged. He started working in a reputed company. Basically, Indian parents don’t usually throw surprise parties for their kids but when they do, it’s called “Arranged Marriage”.

Mom- Beta we had found a girl of your match.We match the Kundli too. Together you look as Jodi of Ram-Sita.

Batman- Mom! I have a girl in my life and I will marry her.

Mom-(to husband) Did you listen what he’s saying. Tomorrow he will say I want to separate from you because of that girl.Maybe he will run away with him.

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Dad-(to wife) Son what others will say. Society will spit on us. Forget the dream of love marriage and all we know the end result. Or else assume we both die for you.

The Melodrama was the not solution,

It’s your son’s life not society’s equation,

It was harsh but the step was taken and Batman got a gift of Arranged Marriage after fulfilling all wishes of his parents everytime.

Against the wish of his parents, Batman quit the job and went for startup and gradually proves to be the tremendous organization of all time in Indian history.

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Batman in his life with the unconditional support of his parents which was always there but in form of sarcasm to some extent achieved which is just impeccable.

After reaching the pinnacle of success Batman now way ahead of Tony Stark.At an interview, it was asked by a journalist to Batman’s parents that “your son’s worth is now 7 billion dollars, he knows 127 martial art styles, 23+ languages, 192 IQ level, Master of Disguise…what you want to say on this?

His Parents replied- This all is good but if he had a Government job then it will be fantastic for his future.


When philosopher’s talk

The scenario was mesmerizing and well fit,

I can’t stop smiling thinking about it,

Nothing was awkward,

Learning new things and moving forward,

Praising each other’s talent,

Igniting something which was latent,

Living different life in different region,

Share thoughts, don’t cage them like pigeon,

The more you exchange thoughts the more grow,

Must have a zeal to listen and know,

Definitely you will come across something new,

You will be among those who never knew,

They inspire each other somehow,

Both possess skill and talent which was ‘Wow’,

Face was not informative,

But thoughts was well paid incentive,

Music and songs were shared,

This time not pictures but words were stared,

Talking about dreams and bucket list,

Trying to clear blurred vision and dense mist,

Deep conversations are priceless,

Just talk more and stress less,

Sometime your thoughts will be same,

When they don’t, just don’t blame,

Talk to each other like greatest philosopher,

Sometime at breakfast sometime at supper,

Everyday a new discussion and debate,

Without hurting each other they were still mate,

Type of roommates totally depends on your luck,

I got the sensible one, someone gets duck(hahahaha),

When one gets weak other pump him up,

Both were filling each others life’s cup,

Memories were made that was sure,

Mind could be messy but hearts were pure,

Now speaking in the accent of each other,

Moving ahead in life further,

Someday in life they will meet,

They will walk miles with their little feet,

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Your poetry

It’s a little bit funny this feeling inside,

I’m not one of those who can easily hide,

I know it’s not much but it’s the best I can do,

My gift is my poetry and this one is for you,

And you can tell everybody,

This is your poetry,

How wonderful life is,

While you’re in the world,

You’re crazy,

I’m out of my mind,

I’m lazy,

You’re always humble and kind,

I forget that you suffered a lot,

I don’t want to be reason for your tears,

You are invincible and well fought,

And you never even judge me,

I’m amazed by the thing you sacrifice,

So be there for me,

Friendship is something which has no price,

Exemplary courage that you show,

You have your own grace,

This world did what they want but you grow,

You are out of the league at your own pace,

You are the stout-hearted girl,

With compelling aura, you kept on walking,

You breaks the era of whirl,

With no surprises and shocking,

I wish a great life to you,

Never change, just stay true,

Journey is just begun,

Have a look at your future which brights like sun,

Don’t look back,

Now no heavier burdened sack,

I will be out there,

Watching you from somewhere(maybe Manhattan),

Applauding and cheering you,

With every forward step,

Remember I’m walking beside you,

World never know,

Is there any Arya Stark in world,

I will proudly say I met her personally,

I know her from head to toe,

Stay blessed

Stay true,

Stay tuned in future to know about yourself.







Relaxed optimist V/s Stressed Optimist

Professor: Define optimism?

Student: Everybody is happy with what they have and even what they don’t

Professor: Explain it further.
Student:Typically there are two types of optimist.

1. Those who try and work hard to look out  for brighter side(Stressed Optimist) Happy with what they had.

2.Those who create and live every moment whether good or bad never complain(Relaxed Optimist) Happy with what they don’t had.

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Let’s inspire and get inspired before get expired

What is enough?

Sometime summing up your life in words is not enough.Craving for desserts after a meal is not enough.Having a endless stupid and heart warming conversations with your best friends is also not enough.

No wonder many of us one time in our life asked this; one life and so many dreams how do make all of them true?

Your ever dreams has its span of life if you keep on breathing and give sufficient oxygen and nutrients to every dreams.To an extent not may be possible few of them will not fulfilled. But take a pride at least you gave your 100%.

Always remember admiration is the fuel to inspire someone in your life.

Answer or reply ?

There is vast difference between these two words.

When you get or give the answer you kill the question forever and then you will be building knowledge. On the other hand if you are replying then you are starting an argument believe me it will lead to no where.

Relying will give birth to another question and goes on and on.

Have a great new year with lots of answers instead of replies.

Stay blessed.

Portrayed versus Pretended

Portray what you are

Pretend what you are not

It’s all up to you to choose peace or war

Be gimmick enough to never get caught

Your gluttony to pretend

Can lead to disaster

Speak bluntly but don’t offend

Be leader instead of being master

Portraying will reflect a pure heart

Pretending is like you kill’em with kindness

Somewhere down the line you will start

Do all with your heart but don’t create a mess.

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Salt of the soul

We spent most of our time by looking down all the wrong roads.Roads which gives you the definition of journey but can’t make it meaningful.

On the other hand we forget to look for heart which is salt of the soul.Purity can be seen only when you know where solace is and why it is required.

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Quit early, Quit often

They always told us that winner never quit and quitter never wins. But when we break the chains and comes out of belief told to us then we can see something happening which others will call miracle.

It’s good to quit sometime and shattered monotonous background of your life.

Quit early before it’s too late where regret gulp and don’t even take a burrp, as a wise man said you are not too late to try something new.

Don’t settle until and unless you can touch the bubbles of bliss in your life. It’s not necessary to travel till the last station, sometime you have to get off the train.

Your journey is not supposed to be defined by someone else in your life and believe me nobody stand besides in your last days.

Quit often until and unless you get what you need not what you want.

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