Sometime it’s good to “Let it be”

People around you are full of suggestions and advices..whether you need it or not they still serve you like your life depends on it.

They are like “Hey! What you’re wearing…Hahahah?”…” Not worthy what you are doing”…”You must be in the wrong field or course”….”You better start doing this and that…blah blah blah…quack quack and radio stereo full if quacks and blah…

Why its become so important to poke nose in someone business?…Whats make them to do this?….Just to prove you matters to someone don’t drag yourself into a personal advisor…Everybody is mature enough to take care of their things and life.

Even if you have 12-15 friends just ask one to whom you think really worthy to ask for.Rest of them are trying to spoil something which you own but they didn’t….Let it be if your are not wearing the brand new dress at some party and others are…let it be if you laugh harder on jokes but others are trying to be sophisticated…Let it be the rumours spreading about you and your life.

Let it be…for god sake…Whenver you in doubt in situation like these ask yourself “Will God still lives the way I dress and look?” Believe me you will free from all foibles and bondoggling..

We all are surronded with myth “We must look best in photos/pics or videos or boomerang”…Filter after filter…Snapchat one or Instagram one…so many….Guys these all are temporary and you will reach nowhere…The purpose is to be rich not look rich…

Everything is enticing and exhilarating if your heart is pure and crystal clear….It’s better to let it be what others says…keep your looks simple and sober….wear something in which you feel comfortable…stop pleasing others because at the end they still have issues no matter what as they never forget to crticize any celebrities why the hell on earth they leave you.

So when next time someone wants to spoil your mood….take a deep breathe and without any sound tell them to read your lips ” I.D.G.A.F”….this for them and for yourself say “Let it be”.

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Ridiculous date with a Hilarious mate-Part 3(Final chapter)

…..I don’t know where we were heading but it was very musing for me but it was my gut feeling saying “It’s gonna be whimsical”. Now I have nowhere to escape so I was ready to face what’s coming up next.

Me- At least give me a hint where we’re heading…

She- I know you, okay…you are very good at spoiling surprises but with time I also know how to tackle your gimmick.

Me- So it’s better for me to go with the flow and keep my mouth shut.

She- No no no.. … keep talking to me except where we are heading…your silence kills the surroundings don’t you know that…

(I know she was the queen of sarcasm all she meant was I talk a lot…like talkative Donald Duck or Goofy.)

Me(being sarcastic)- hahaaahaahaa… thanks a bunch lady you just made my day.

We don’t belong to this planet that was sure because we never talk straightforward to each other our conversation revolves around metaphors, sarcasm, the figure of speech etc. That’s was one of the ridiculous things about our friendship which made us unique.

We parked the car and started heading to a quite creative restaurant from outside and bit fancy.

She- So let’s go then….this gonna be an epic shit of your life.

Me- Wait…. what?…..

Before I could ask anything further there we were an appropriately insane interior, wall reflecting proficiency of virtuoso, innovative and creative sketches and art pieces all around was priceless, bands and musicians logos, frames, etc. It was much more than admiration and standing ovation.

Me-Wow!! Splendid… now that would I call top notch…exhilarated.

She- OMG…Thank you…thank you so much…at least once in this life time, you admired my talent on my face…candid.

Me- No way… I don’t believe that…these are not yours..(paused for a second ) Seriously…

She- Yeah….go ahead..go on.. I’m waiting for your costly words as I know your feelings are cheap. No offense.

Me- Wwweeeelllllllll…okay..honestly it’s like levitating someone’s spirit and vivifying every synapse of the brain to perplex the heart to be dumbfounded till the death.

She- Finally you proved that why you’re still single..

Me- Hey..that’s true… I’m not flattering you..It’s me being honest…

She- It’s me being kidding.

We both can fill our heart and brain with these ridiculous conversations but not our stomach at all. So we finished our meals and enjoying our desserts(no paradox) with cranberry juice(her favorite)

Me- How you come to know that I’m single.

She- Oh come on… I know you…you can’t be serious for more than 10 days even if by mistake you fall for someone or someone fall for you…

Me- And you think you know the reason for that…

She- Of course…You love to write, draw and sail beyond imagination when it comes to thoughts… you already have a perfect companion with you. So we can say that you’re committed with your life and you don’t need a body of flesh and bones…Isn’t it amazing?

Me- I don’t know how to say… but I agree with you…one day or the other we will get bored with each other…no matter what love yourself…You see lady this is all we need…a couple of desserts, a jar of cranberry juice and a little bit of conversation.

She(giggling)- Yeah.. right.

Right from school days we never squabble over petty things, never criticizes each other’s foibles; no blame games, no promises, no expectations and the most important one never judged each other. We know each other flaws and essence but never poke or admire each other for those respectively.

That makes it ridiculous. She left the school leaving no trace or sign. She just vanished and there was no hope whether anyone could meet her or not. She was clear in her mind that she is not the one who fall of someone. She has changed 5 schools already before she joined my school at that time. She is like keeps on moving, shifting and never settle kind of soul on this planet.

She- Okay now the surprise…are you ready music-maniac?

Me- Hell yes…

She- Today is Karaoke night. It’s a karaoke but with a twist…I will sing a song by your favorite singer and you have to sing a song of my favorite singer…easy.

Me- No it’s not that much easy…

She- Till you are breathing there will be difficulties and struggles.

She went to the stage without wasting much time she asked to set the song to the DJ as she was the owns the restaurant with her arts.

She(before started singing)- This song named is “Army- by Ellie Goulding”.

OMG, she was absolutely right about my favorite singer and the song depicts the rest story. It was silvery and honeyed when she was singing. After the song was over applauds and admirations were coming from everywhere even I was spellbound.

Now it’s my turn to guess it right. When a girl is already leading with perfect 10 you don’t want anything less than 10 at any cost. I replay my memory and all flashbacks to recall her favorite musician. The bulb glows and I ask DJ for my song, the thumbs up and played it.

Me- The song is “Yellow by Coldplay”…

I remembered she used to say that band has something more powerful than solo singer couldn’t have. It was her gimmicks to trap me and started thinking about the musician rather than the band or something. I’m not good at high note but I was able to get awarded with few claps in place of tomato soup or flying forks.

We paid the bill and started walking out of the restaurant but suddenly manager called us for some query.

She- Listen can you talk to manager whatever his query is and I will drive out the car from parking and will wait for you outside.

So I went to the manager and asked about the problem he said that by mistake bill was charged to us it was a farewell gift from the restaurant to her as it was her last night here in India and soon she will be leaving for California to pursue Arts and Music.

I walked out of that place and waiting for her outside and later on a boy come up to me with a page. World’s smallest but you can sum up the whole life on that page. “Life goes on, you know” Miss Rebellious.

I have no regrets and not yearning to go back in time and change everything. Our friendship or conversation never started with Hii or Hello….and it’s not meant to end with goodbye though. She was always a mystery to me which I don’t want to get revealed. We never exchanged our contact no. and never became a friend on any social sites(so no following request, likes, tagging, comments). About us, all the things were ridiculous as we are not normal at all but my mate was hilarious that I was sure.

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Ridiculous date with a hilarious mate-Part-2

…. by this time I knew that I’m so screwed. But she was calm and composed. Without a delay of a second, I apologize to her and she was fine with it. Our life change in so many ways that critics don’t matter after a time.

She- It has been 6 years Mr.SOTY(Student Of The Year). Sssooooo, what’s up?

Me- Quite good.

She- What makes you bring you here?

Me- Nothing much…uh..just want to try my luck in this creative and art field. And just given a final exam and result awaited.

She- Great…So let’s start and I will tell you basically the whole idea of ours what we are actually doing.

She never asked anyone about anyone’s life in details. She has a theory that “Everybody is working hard in this world to make their life better in so many ways. If they are doing well they will tell everything spontaneously. If not then it’s not your business to poke nose in their life.”

She explained the whole idea of what they’re doing and since when, etc. My job was to write poetries as fast as possible as at speed of Mach 1. At the start, people were paying a visit to our stall moderately but soon the people understood that this something called personalization instead of mugs, pillow, t-shirts, multiple opening photo box, etc. I was working at good pace, people loved the rhyming but still, I was short of vocabulary.

She was designing card and making envelope which was pretty cool. We had a quick lunch as we are on a run. In between lunch she asked me” So except poetries what else you can do very quick?”

Me being ridiculous replied”Mistakes…. a lot of mistakes.” She giggled and said, “Your sense of humor is on the brink of extinction…you really have to do something.”

From our school days, we never compliment each other much but was good enough to respect no matter what. She being straightforward and dauntless always show me the path of exit if we are in the same competition related to wits and intellectual but when it’s come to creativity and innovation related stuff she evaporates. At school we barely talk to each other. We were not in the same class but unfortunately in the same house.

At the end of the day, we earned Rs.5500/- hard cash with 15 orders to be delivered and it was not a bad figure at all. We were wrapping all our stuff and stationeries.

She- You’re pretty good to create epic shit. Thanks a lot for joining us and helping out to reach out to more people.

Me- No…no it’s just a coincidence that I landed up here and revive myself by helping you and your friends. So thanks to the fate and some good deeds we have done.

She- Alright…so..where you will be heading now?

Me- I have to go to my aunt’s home right now…later I could plan something.

She-(Intentionally to tease me for a while) Okay…that’s great…so bye then.

Me- (Being sincere and innocent) Okay…fine then…bye.

She(before I turn)- Hey..I’m just didn’t change at all…still sincere and modest when it comes to girls. We can celebrate our success..or you can say party from my side. Tell me the address of your aunt’s home I will pick you.

In school time not a single boy could muster the courage to ask her for anything as she had a bad record of insulting them like beyond imagination. She was the queen of sarcasm. You can visualize her as Cersei(GOT) of that time. Anyone could be on cloud nine after hearing this but I’m very rational and trying to figure out why?

For me, it was like; she being vindictive will punish me with a walk of shame. But I also know that she was never rude to me and we never fought at that time also.

Me- Yeah sure.

She was on time I got a bit late..but somehow I hopped in her car and we were now on the way to party venue.

She-Do you like music?

Me-Do you like breathing?

She was just messing with me.We never start a convetsation like normal people. At school we love to sing from bottom of our heart but never get a chance to sing duet;I can’t say that she also want a duet or not.Her music taste was much better than me. She owns 30% of my playlist today. We always start a conversation by murmuring a song and one of us guess that song, singer and review that whole song. From others perspective we were ridiculous.

She(turned on her car’s music stereo and played a song) – Okay then lets listen to do this and guess it…

With the very first note of the song blink of an eye..

Me- Coldplay “The Scientist”.

She-Not bad…means you are still what you were…so lets sing it together.

That was the last song we guess 6 years ago and the flashback started in my mind. ” Ohh take me back to the start”.

We completed the song and suddenly she snap her fingers and said “So if music within you is not dead yet and you can sing well…we are heading to different place from what we decided”.

Her sudden change of plan cost me lot in earlier days. So I was scared a bit but was excited at the same time. May be we were heading to some small recording studio or concert etc. I have no clue….

What you think where we were heading?? What’s going in her mind?? It will be a surprise or shock!!!

To know what happened next, please read the next and final part… Thank you for reading and tell me your views on this.

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Ridiculous date with hilarious mate- Part 1

A few months ago from my memory lane, I paid a visit to an exhibition related to my artwork and creativity.

One stall fascinated me very much. They were selling gifts where you have to describe the person to whom you gonna give in 3 words and they will write an instant unique poetry.

So unicorn of imagination in my mind automatically accepted the concept wholeheartedly.

I reached their workshop and started watching all their cards and poetic verse they were writing. For once I thought it’s not bad to join their team.

As we know where there’s a will there’s a way. On a whiteboard, it was written that they need a volunteer or creative mind to join their team in return they will gift something for the efforts, I reached their very early and I’m not shy to take initiative for any task like that.

Without wasting any time I joined their team I show them some of my artwork and poetries, they were impressed. After an hour a girl asked me my name again. This time she had questionnaire; where are you from, school, etc. After all the replies of mine, she asked: “So do you remember a girl who was named Miss Rebellious in your school time?”.

If you asked me about something/someone which I’m scared of I will be brutally honest with you. And after taking a slight pause “Yes, I know her. She is like one of the people I don’t wanna mess with, like never.” Then my every synapse fired to figure out that she might be the one. She was watching me and constantly saying “Ok! go on..hmm, ok…ok”.

So continued saying everything I hate about her and few incidents of her which scares me the most. After a one-sided conversation of 5 min, I realized that I just rang the bell. So now a mouse is in search of  mercy finally asked as a gesture of gumption “Are you that Miss Rebellious?”

But after taking a deep breath she said: ” Yes, I’m that same girl”.

Guess, what happened next? Will the dream turn into a nightmare? Or something worse gonna happen.

To be continued in next and final Part-2.

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Philanthropic cuisine with dessert of paradox

Philanthropy - words setLife from the very first step taught us a lesson to be kind and humble. Even our parents told us about philanthropy and how it helps you to be good person. When Captain America asked Tony Stark what you are without this Iron Suit he said ”Philanthropist,Genius,Billionaire and Playboy” and that left an impact on my mind.

So after all the good deeds we do and kindness, we want to taste the dessert(benefit) in return. Is it too much to ask for? Yeah, sometime it is. One of my friend used to say that ”Do good and good will come to you” but sometime someone squeezed the sour lemon on our tongue or turns that dessert into spiciest meal of our life.

So what to do in that kind of situation?

1.Make promise to yourself that you will never help anyone.

2.Become the most selfish person of all time.

3.Never stop doing good deeds no matter what.

Choice is up to you

No matter how best you try,

Life gives you surprises so you can fly,

Life served you with most delicious cuisine,

Some of them are tangy some are pure sin,

Mankind is always at top of the list,

We make justice to that as life’s gist,

Emotional glitches lead us to ignore it,

When life was teaching us lesson of kindness,

Suddenly someone betray us to make it senseless,

Just don’t change yourself for those sicks,

Do the good deeds never be afraid of pricks,

They are none to give something you in return,

God will have mercy on you for the hard work and run,

As we know Do good and put in the river,

But we are suffering from ”Expectation fever”,

The moment you stop expecting,

You will realize the world is serving the best cuisine,

Philanthropy at top,

But just don’t wait for the complimentary dessert over there,

As it can spoil the taste,

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Is it hard to be thankful?

So what someone helped us,

Maybe it’s their nature to do so,

So what someone taught a life-changing lesson to us,

Maybe it’s their profession to teach, preach and grow,

Some of us are waiting for right time,

Some of us don’t know which is the right time,

It’s fair that you are busy,

But if you look deep into it,

It is not that difficult or fuzzy,

Maybe you are one call or text away to say it.

We are too busy or too high headed person who takes everything for granted to be thankful to someone.

Thanksgiving is not a week to celebrate it’s a moment to share with those who changed your life.

Life doesn’t come with episodes where if you missed something you can add on it in next one.

Just say it whole heartedly. Saying thank you is not an obligation instead its a privilege.

Rest is all upto you.

Please comment your views and opinion about my thoughts.

#thanksgiving #thanks #pleasure #life #motivational #inspirational #thankyou #changes #express #love #live #sayit #bust #complaints #thankful #thousandtimes

So much happened…

So much happened,

When you were not around,

Night sky was roaring,

And days were not making any sound,

I wish I could reach to you,

Tell you something which you had no clue,

Now I started to put it all in a jar,

With you I speak my heart out,

I can call you or text you,

Rather I choose to dedicate you something,

Something which symbolize you,

I choose emotions to share instead thing,

Life is about to change from here,

No complaints,no promises,

As we far from each other not near,

I hope everything would be fine,

Never miss the opportunities to shine,

Wishing you luck everyday evertime,

Because you are more than friend of mine….

If you also complaining about your friends who can’t give that much as earlier he/she used to, stages of life are not permanent and now we are grown up priorities will change.

Understand this and live happily by keeping yourself busy.

#inspiration #life #change #priorities #friends #friendship #time #complaints

Every problem has unique solution.

If you and I have same problem I bet there will be unique solution of that particular problem.

When you are going to ask someone else about it, they will guide you as per their level of knowledge and caliber.

So its very important to know your caliber and a complete SWOT(Strenght, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis of yourself before you move ahead.

Like you if a chapter or book will be given to two diferent person then both will narrate the chapter or story in a different way.

Both utilizes their strength to memorize it or unique style to learn things.Believe me one will be better than the other always.

Just like handling same situation and copying the solution of other person will not be that much fruitful to you.

Very first step is know your abilities and flaws, then procced.

Every lock has its unique key rest all are duplicate.So next time find your own unique solution.Keep doing trial and error.

Stay original. Do original. Live original.

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And the world is driven by….

This phrase has different answers depending upon person to person.

It could be anything and that might be right too.

As far as I have seen this world till now the world full of genius is driven by the crazy or eccentric people.

Genius knows the very best thing and do something exraordinary.

On the other hand crazy people observe these genius people and asked them to do the only best thing and do something impossible.

If as per you its a thing, they can turn it into product or idea or business or aid to human life.

They share the same place(office) but different arenas and different enemies everyday.

They can reframe the entire human future.

Because people who are crazy enough to think that they can change world are the ones who do.

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